Images of Home Cinema Speaker Package

Your pass to the theatre

The SS-FCR400 is a complete 5.0 surround sound listening experience. Two powerful floor standing speakers are matched with two front speakers and a centre speaker.

Hear every note

A frequency range of 50Hz—50kHz covers the soaring highs and thundering lows for a theatrical effect.

Nano-fine tweeters

Pristine highs

The front speakers' nano-fine tweeters extend the high end.

Kevlar HOP woofer

Deep bass and mid-range

Ultra rigid Kevlar HOP woofers provide powerful sound quality.

  • Front speakers feature 2.5cm nano-fine tweeters

  • Frequency response of 50Hz–50kHz

  • Two front speakers, plus centre and two surround speakers

  • Kevlar HOP (Highly Oriented Polyolefin) mid bass drivers

  • Bass reflex for enhanced reproduction of low frequencies

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