Cyber-shot™ with Full HD video


Cyber-shot shoots smooth, clear Full High Definition (HD) movie clips at the touch of a button. The Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor inside selected Cyber-shot cameras can capture fast-moving action with progressive HD movie recording at a full 50 frames per second. After shooting, connect to your HD TV or enjoy the choice of Full HD movie playback options.

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Cyber-shot with Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor shoots Full HD movies

Full HD at the touch of a button

Start shooting instantly with a touch of the Movie button and effortlessly capture any moment in Full HD. Selected Cyber-shot cameras feature an Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor to record your footage in Full HD 1080 resolution, using AVCHD video compression technology. You’ll be rewarded with rich, natural images that look great on your Full HD television or PC.

Full HD video and stereo sound from your Cyber-shot camera

Crisp image quality and sound

Cyber-shot records camcorder-quality video in Full HD with crisp, digital stereo sound. During shooting, you can smoothly zoom in and out without interrupting recording – just like with a camcorder. For even more professional-looking results, Tracking Focus keeps your chosen subject in sharp focus, even if it’s moving. Just select the person or subject you want to track on the camera screen: Cyber-shot stays focused while you concentrate on what’s happening around you.

Cyber-shot with Full HD 50p progressive video

Smooth Full HD movies

For smooth, cinematic results with the most challenging scenes, selected Cyber-shot models can shoot Full HD movies in progressive mode at 50 frames per second. ‘Progressive’ means that the camera captures your footage as a high-speed sequence of complete video frames. This ensures the highest quality, blur-free results during playback. It also lets you capture still images from any point in the movie you’re recording.

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