3D Sweep Multi-Angle

Sweep Multi-Angle takes a photo from many different angles so you can get a preview of the 3D effect on your LCD screen.

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Tilt your camera’s LCD screen for a 3D view

See your 3D photos on your Cyber-shot™

Don’t wait until you get home to see how your 3D photos have come out – see them instantly on your Cyber-shot™ camera. Just tilt your camera from left to right to preview each photo from a number of different angles – before you get the full 3D picture by viewing on a 3D TV.

Get a 3D view with Sweep Multi-Angle

How Sweep Multi-Angle works

During a Sweep Multi-Angle exposure, your Cyber-shot™ takes and stores different images from 15 different angles as you move the camera. The camera’s processor then combines these images to build two files. One file allows you to preview the 3D-like picture on your camera’s screen. Tilting the camera from left to right (and back again) lets you see your image from different angles – as if you were actually moving your viewpoint or walking around your subject.

The other file is a full 3D picture, which you can view by plugging your camera into a compatible 3D TV and putting on a pair of 3D glasses.