Help create a more sustainable future


Help create a more sustainable future


Our company is built upon harnessing the power of imagination. By applying this expertise to the sustainability challenge we want to inspire and innovate. We can work collaboratively, think differently, change lifestyles and technologies, to help create a new, more sustainable future.

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Learn about eco features in VAIO laptops
Find out about eco features and TVs from Sony

VAIO laptops

Find out how to save energy with VAIO. Discover how we use recycled materials and sustainable design philosophies to create more eco-conscious laptops. We consider the impact of our products at every single stage of their lifecycle.

More about eco-conscious laptops

TVs from Sony

Learn how to save energy and reduce bills with TVs from Sony. We even have smart sensors to save energy when you leave the room. From parts to performance, our TVs have been designed with the environment in mind.

Learn more about energy saving TVs


Save power with the Xperia Z

New Battery STAMINA model is the Xperia Z and ZL significantly improves battery life. Smartphones can use a lot of power, even when you’re not actively using them, with all those apps that you’ve had open still running in the . Battery STAMINA mode saves you wasted battery drain by recognising when your display is off and turning off functions you don’t need, while keeping the notifications you want. As soon as you touch the screen and wake up your phone, everything is up and running again.

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Узнайте подробнее о SoRPlas

SoRPlas — на 99% состоит из переработанных материалов

SoRPlas — новый тип пластика, созданный компанией Sony. При его изготовлении используются переработанные DVD-диски и оптические листы телевизоров. Таким образом, он содержит рекордное количество переработанных материалов — 99%.

Узнайте подробнее о SoRPlas

Future eco innovation

We’re continuing to invest in research and development of innovative new technology and concepts. Find out about some of the experimental eco technologies and energy saving products which could make a difference in the future.

See our future eco innovation

Sustainable processes

It isn’t only the technology inside our products that matters. Equally important is ensuring we use sustainable materials, power our business operations from renewable energy sources and reduce our impact on the environment where possible.

How we work more sustainably

Corporate and social responsibility report

Our corporate responsibility report

We take our corporate and social responsibilities seriously and publish an annual report to communicate the work that has been done in the previous year.

Read more on our CSR website (English only)