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All memory cards from Sony offer more than the obvious benefits of quality and reliability. Customers are entitled to a free download of two essential applications: File Rescue and x-Pict Story. File Rescue gives you peace of mind, and x-Pict Story is a fun, creative tool for making and sharing slideshows of your favorite pictures.

Memory card File Rescue
x-Pict Story for memory card

File Rescue

Sometimes things go wrong and data such as photos and files get damaged or lost. File Rescue is a powerful tool for recovering damaged or lost data that is simple enough for anyone to use. Available as a free download to memory card customers, File Rescue scans the card and restores lost files with an impressive 90% success rate.

  • Recovers accidentally damaged or deleted data
  • Easy download, free to memory card users
  • 90% success rate
  • Extremely simple to use

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x-Pict Story™

Great photos deserve to be seen and shared. x-Pict Story™ gives you the means to create striking, original slide shows, complete with your choice of music. The three-step process is very easy, and a sharing option makes uploading and sharing via video sharing service like YouTube™.

  • Create entertaining slideshows complete with music
  • Ultra-simple, even for IT novices
  • Slideshow-sharing option – ideal for service like YouTube™
  • Easy download, free to memory card users

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