Portable audio


Headphones, MP3 players, portable CD players, personal radios, voice recorders and Made for iPod products from Sony: Decades of innovation in personal audio give our products superior audio quality and advanced functionality.


We offer headphones and headsets for pc and home listening, and other models for active lifestyles. Choose from travel headphones that feature noise cancelling, and wireless models for easy listening.

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Walkman® MP3 players/video players

Beautifully designed with long battery life, Walkman® MP3 players/MP4 players deliver exceptional sound and video quality.

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Made for iPod

Get the best sound from your iPod with our Made for iPod portable systems. Release your entire iTunes library from our built-in docks, and enjoy full playback, remote control and charging.

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Portable radios

Our portable radios and clock radios offer the perfect mix of attractive design and simple operation and include models with iPod connector.

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Voice recorders

Easy to use voice recorders with superior sound quality and extensive features - great for business or study.

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Portable CD and tape radios

Listen to music in great sound quality - around the house or outside - with our portable CD and tape radios.

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Personal CD, MD & tape

CD, MD and tape players for music on the move, in the format of your choice.

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Get more out of your portable audio with our range of earphones, headphones, microphones, docking stations, cases and more.

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From user manuals to FAQs, there’s plenty of support to help you enjoy your portable audio products.

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