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Celebrating 10 years of Alpha mirrorless full-frame cameras

October 2013 saw the announcement of the original Alpha 7 and 7R cameras

A decade ago, the photographic landscape was split between DSLR models sporting full-frame sensors, and small mirrorless cameras with smaller APS-C sensors, but on October 16th 2013 all that changed. Not only did the Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R have full-frame sensors, they also featured high performance specs, including exceptional ISO performance up to 25,600, 5fps continuous shooting and an extremely fast hybrid phase and contrast-detection AF system. For the first time, photographers (and videographers) could experience the same quality they'd been used to with their DSLR cameras, but in a smaller and lighter form factor.




The Alpha series goes from strength to strength

Those first two models marked the beginning of constant evolution for the Alpha series. Less than a year later, the 'S' variation was introduced, offering videographers previously unheard of low-light performance at high ISO settings, as well as 4K video recording. The following year, the Alpha 7R II featured the world's first back-illuminated full-frame sensor with an impressive 42.4 megapixels.

As the Alpha series grew in popularity thanks to its groundbreaking technologies, our camera division in Tokyo continued to push forward into the realm of the previously impossible. The Alpha 9 (2017) was the very first camera to offer blackout-free continuous silent shooting at an incredible 20 fps, and providing sports photographers with a competitive edge over their DSLR-shooting counterparts.


Alpha full frame cameras infographic



Where do we go from here?

With each successive launch, the Alpha full-frame series has continued to evolve and grow into what many consider to be the gold standard in photo and video excellence. We believe in innovation and we won’t be resting on our laurels for the next decade, or even the one after that. There are some amazing content creators out there, and we are proud that some of the world’s best are using Alpha cameras to help realise their dreams.



Alpha Images From the Last Decade

With the help of our incredible Imaging Ambassadors and Creators, we've selected some of our favourite images taken on Sony full-frame mirrorless Alpha bodies over the last 10 years. We hope you enjoy flipping through the book as much as we did putting it together.

sony alpha anniversary flipbook open
Browse the book



The latest Alpha full-frame range

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