snowboarder performs an impressive backflip
Jaakko Posti

Jaakko Posti | Finland

"Simply the greatest thing that have come out of a photography for me is all the places and moments I have got to experience with great people that I wouldn't have met without photography"

Through photographing the beautiful and challenging surroundings of northern Scandinavia, Jaakko’s main goal is to capture the feeling and the sense of emotion that he and his friend experience while doing what they love. Jaakko’s style of photography mixes elements of travel, sport, documentary, nature and landscape photography to create his wide-ranging portfolio. Living in North Finland, in the Arctic Circle, the outdoors and outdoor sports have been part of Jaakko’s life from a very young age. That love for the great outdoors sparked his interest to pursue photography and over the years, that interest has grown into a passion that can be seen on the pages of various outdoor publications and media websites. Jaakko puts his Sony camera equipment to the test in the minus forty degrees temperatures and snow storms of the arctic winter and on the dusty and warm trail sides of various mountain bike locations around Scandinavia each summer.

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