fox peeks above a snowy ridge with just its eyes showing
Süha Derbent

Süha Derbent | Turkey

"Journey to self"

Born in Istanbul in 1963, Süha Derbent has been working as a professional photographer for 30 years, having begun his career as a journalist, before moving into photojournalism. After working as a visual director for Gezi National Geographic Traveller magazine, he grew increasingly more interested in capturing travel and wildlife photography and has worked in over 80 countries. Chasing wildlife - and particularly big cats - he has travelled across a number of countries in pursuit of his images and he lived with, and photographed, a family of mountain gorillas for 10 days in 2015. Alongside publishing 2 books - 'Face to Face' in 2002 and 'The Wild Side of Kenya' in 2016, Derbent also provides consultancy services and organises customised travel packages for individuals looking to visit wildlife areas across the world. Recently, Derbent has been writing for the Sunday supplement of the Vatan newspaper (Travel with Süha Derbent), and his personal archives hold more than two million photographs, many of which are also available on Getty Images.

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