snow covered mountains in the early morning

Tolis Fragoudis

Tolis Fragoudis | Switzerland

"My only goal is to live my life in my fullest potential"

Tolis Fragoudis is a Greek/Swiss professional photographer/filmmaker based in Zurich Switzerland. He runs his own production company, TolisArt, working as a creative director for international companies, sports events, tourism and celebrity clients. His biggest passion is in story-telling and he travels the world, exploring with a passion for the beauty of culture, nature and humans. His documentary, ‘Spiritual India’ was a deep and emotional look at the Indian culture, and he has also travelled through Nepal, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Norway and the US, producing works on his travels.
He firmly believes that humans naturally don’t want to destroy beautiful things and he considers it a duty to inspire us to become conscious about how we treat this world. Photography and Filmmaking are very strong instruments, and when used in the right way, they contribute towards a better world. Tolis says, “If people flower from within, they clearly understand how they are connected to everything”.

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