two penan nomads standing in front of a fence inside rainforest
Tomas Wüthrich

Tomas Wüthrich | Switzerland

"I have to imagine pictures first to recognise them when they are suddenly around"

Tomas Wüthrich lives in Switzerland and works worldwide for editorial and corporate clients. He grew up on a farm, made an apprenticeship as cabinet maker, worked with mentally handicapped people and began studying social work. In 1999 he attended a degree course for editorial photography at the Swiss School of Journalism, MAZ in Lucerne. Since 2001 he has worked as a freelance photojournalist. His award-winning reportage and portraits have been published in numerous publications such as GEO, Das Magazin and Die Zeit. Alongside his professional work he pursues his own long-term projects. For his book "Doomed Paradise", he spent a lot of time in the Borneo rainforest with the last nomadic hunters and gatherers of the Penan tribe who are fighting against the destruction of their habitat.

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