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Miki Studios

Miki Studios | UK

"Fathers, friends and adventurers who love to capture weddings everywhere"

Miki Studios is a Wedding imagery team comprising Mick and Ash. They take a boutique approach to wedding storytelling, travelling extensively throughout the UK and internationally to create content that sweep couples off their feet. They strive to deliver lush and compelling stories, capturing each important moment in their own unique creative style which blends documentary with portraiture to create an emotional and energetic hook. They are friends, fathers and adventurers that seek to bring their passion for life into everything they do, which inevitably leads to deeper client connections and creates a friendly and fun-filled working environment. To do this they need equipment and tools that allow them to work seamlessly to bring their ideas to life. For them, Sony has consistently delivered on that front - whether pushing the boundaries of the cameras and what they can offer, to lenses that not only deliver beautifully rendered imagery but just work time and time again.

Miki Studios' kit