Discover XAV-AX4050 features

Wireless connectivity and full suite of feature updates


Enjoy smooth and simple control for every journey. An anti-glare 6.95 inch (17.6 cm) touchscreen and interface are designed to give you intuitive control over music, communications and more. With expanded wireless connectivity, plus time alignment and a 14-band EQ, it allows for even more personalisation and provides the perfect in-car audio experience.

  • XAV-AX4050

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Image of a person driving a convertible car fast down a tree-lined road, with a XAV-AX4050 in the dashboard

Enhanced in-car connectivity and sound customisation

Meet our XAV-AX4050 DAB media receiver with fully wireless smartphone connectivity, newly updated graphical user interface, and DSP for the full suite of sound customisation.
Image of the XAV-AX4050 in a dashboard with a clock and multiple buttons on-screen

Anti-glare sleek touchscreen

The anti-glare 6.95 inch (17.6 cm) touchscreen and clean interface design ensure a stylish and efficient user experience.

Enhanced DAB Radio Interface

Enjoy your favourite stations on DAB/DAB+ digital radio for interference-free quality music and entertainment. The newly designed user interface now includes slide shows for album art or program info, depending on your country or region.
Image of the XAV-AX4050 in a dashboard with a DAB radio interface on-screen

Sound customisation

The built-in DSP offers sound processing and time alignment—down to a remarkable 1 cm for each of the five addressable channels (four speakers and subwoofer via pre-out). A 14-band EQ lets you adjust the overall sound to your music or taste. Together with the three-zone crossover, you can arrange the perfect match of front, rear and subwoofers.

Image of a black rectangle with two diagonal white lines in the top right and bottom left corners

Anti-glare touchscreen with Quick Wake-up feature

Simple icon image of wiggly line

LDAC™ compatible

Simple icon image of a graphic equaliser

Time alignment and 14-band EQ for pitch-perfect sound customisation 

Simple icon image of a speaker

Build your own system with 3 preouts

Simple icon image of the USB symbol

USB Type-C® for 5V / 3A charging power



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