Images of Stereo Receiver Phono Input and Bluetooth® Connectivity  | STR-DH190
Images of Stereo Receiver Phono Input and Bluetooth® Connectivity  | STR-DH190
Images of Stereo Receiver Phono Input and Bluetooth® Connectivity  | STR-DH190
Made for your record collection 

The STR-DH190 brings together your vinyl and digital music. The perfect match for the PS-HX500 or PS-LX300USB turntables, you can switch effortlessly between analogue and digital with simple BLUETOOTH® connectivity and connect to all your equipment.

STR-DH190 Phono input
Connect your turntable with the phono input 
STR-DH190 Bluetooth®
Bluetooth® connectivity
STR-DH190 Bluetooth®
Smarter Bluetooth® connectivity 

Not only can you connect to the STR-DH190 through Bluetooth® and play all your favourite tracks, but with Bluetooth® Standby, you can turn your receiver on straight from your paired smartphone or tablet.

Connect all your equipment 

The STR-DH190 has four analog audio inputs and one output, for easy connection to your audio recording device and other audio equipment. 

Built for an exceptional listening experience 

Every component in the STR-DH190 has been designed for detail and clarity.

Power amplifier for minimal distortion

A discreet amplifier gives high power and a pure sound. 

STR-DH190 chassis
Precision audio with a reinforced chassis

A reinforced frame and beam chassis design reduces transmitted vibration from speaker sound pressure for more focused, powerful sound.

STR-DH190 heat sink
Expertly designed to reduce vibration

Rigid parts hold the heat sink in place, reducing transmitted vibration from speaker sound pressure. 

STR-DH190 Phono and transformer
The optimal layout for the phono and transformer 

The phono amplifier and transformer are positioned optimally to minimise interference from the magnetic field.

Flexible speaker installation 

The STR-DH190’s A+B function lets you connect two sets of front speakers. You can easily switch between A or B or use both together to run outdoor speakers or set them up in a different room from the same amp.

STR-DH190 A+B speaker

Specifications & Features

The STR-DH190 stereo receiver delivers quality sound from vinyl and digital music BLUETOOTH® connectivity. Pair with turntables including PS-HX500 or PS-LX300USB to amplify your records.
  • Sound-matched to PS-HX500 and PS-LX300USB for optimal performance

  • Phono input for connection to turntable

  • BLUETOOTH® for easy connection with mobile devices

  • Engineered for superior sound quality

  • A and B speaker function for flexible installation

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