7.2ch Home Theatre AV Receiver | STR-DN1070

Picture of 7.2ch Home Theatre AV Receiver | STR-DN1070


€ 729.39

(incl. VAT and WEEE)
Images of 7.2ch Home Theatre AV Receiver | STR-DN1070
Images of 7.2ch Home Theatre AV Receiver | STR-DN1070
Images of 7.2ch Home Theatre AV Receiver | STR-DN1070
Images of 7.2ch Home Theatre AV Receiver | STR-DN1070
High-resolution excellence with DSD native playback

7.2 channel Home Cinema AV receiver

Experience more realistic, more immersive home cinema with the STR-DN1070. It supports DSD native playback for lossless quality and HDR technology to enhance the dynamic range of images. 4K provides remarkable image clarity while HDCP 2.2 allows you to enjoy premium 4K content through satellite broadcasts and UHD Blu-ray Discs. What’s more, the amp supports High-Resolution Audio so you can enjoy high quality audio as well, and go even further with wireless multi-room.

The Way The Artists Truly Intended

Advanced digital technology recreates the analogue reality

Hi-Res Audio logo

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher than CD quality with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker so it feels like the artist is performing right in front of you.

DSD native playback

Supports up to 5.1 channels

Enjoy extremely high quality surround. The STR-DN1070 supports DSD (Direct Stream Digital) native playback, meaning there is no conversion so DSD content can be fully enjoyed without losing any of their original purity. Also get multi-channel 5.1ch surround with DSD 5.6MHz. 

High-Resolution Audio file formats

The STR-DN1070 supports a wide variety of High-Resolution Audio formats, including both DSD and Linear PCM. What’s more, playback is possible with USB and DLNA connectivity, and multi-channel capabilities let you incorporate the high quality sound into an immersive surround system.

file formats
DSEE HX logo
Music enriched

The DSEE HX™ upscales your existing music to near high-resolution sound quality, and makes you feel as if you are really there at the recording studio or concert.

Theatrical surround sound in your home

Make movie night more memorable with true surround sound

Fine tune every note

Simulate the acoustics of world-renowned performance venues in your home

With Sony’s Sound Field Technologies you can emulate the acoustics of Sony’s Pictures renowned Hollywood mastering theatre, the Cary Grant Theatre, or three world-renowned concert halls.

7.2 channels for surround sound

A 7.2 channel AV receiver enables truly dynamic surround sound, and Sony’s Digital Cinema Automatic Calibration (DCAC) makes optimising it for perfect audio performance as simple as positioning the supplied mic and hitting start.

Image of 7.2ch
Get the most from Blu-ray Discs with HD soundtracks

Blu-ray Discs have up to 10 times the capacity of DVDs, so they can carry much more audio information. Built-in Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders let you enjoy the powerful and immersive HD surround soundtracks of the latest Blu-ray Discs.

Dolby True HD logo
Enhanced cinematic sound

Experience rich, multi-channel audio with Dolby True HD – engineered to deliver 100 percent lossless sound across movies and music

DTS-HD Master Audio logo
Hear the action all around you

For expansive cinema surround sound, DTS-HD Master Audio reproduces studio–quality lossless audio

Set the stage with flexible speaker solutions

Whether you’re looking for a simple 2 channel setup or a full-fledged 7.2 channel system, wired or wireless, the STR-DN1070 accommodates them all and delivers sound that surrounds you.

The ultimate visual experience in 4K

Enjoy the best-looking 4K content, with support for new High Dynamic Range video

4K HDR logo
Enjoy premium 4K content with HDCP2.2

Enjoy premium 4K content – HDMI 2.0a – 5-in/2-out HDMI are full-speed HDMI 2.0a, supporting 4K video at up to 60p and with pure 4:4:4 colour sampling. The latest High Dynamic Range (HDR) signals are also supported, and HDCP2.2 content protection compatibility means support for all the latest playback devices.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

By supporting High Dynamic Range (HDR) signal pass-through, you can enjoy the incredible jump in image contrast and brightness it brings – and the additional shadow detail and highlights further enhance picture detail and brings colors to life.

Image of HDR
Image of conventional
Comparison image of 4:4:4 and 4:2:0
Supports full-spec 4K images

The highest quality image formats including 4K/60p/4:4:4/24bit, 4K/60p/4:2:0/30bit, and 4K/60p/4:2:2/36bit are supported for 4K enjoyment. Flowing images with 60 frame-per-second reproduction, combined with smooth rendition of colour gradations deliver pristine results. Just connect to a 4K/60p input compatible TV to bring out the full visual potential of 4K content.

See more detail with 4K upscale

2K resolution can be enjoyed with higher quality and more visible detail thanks to video upscale technology. 

4K Upscale logo
Your favourite music, no cables attached

Wireless technologies to make your music sound near high-resolution sound quality and make listening easy

Image of LDAC
LDAC™: for the transmission of High-Resolution Audio content

LDAC transmits approximately three times more data (at the maximum transfer rate: 990 kbps) than conventional Bluetooth® Audio, which allows you to enjoy High-Resolution Audio content in exceptional sound quality near to High Resolution Audio.

Touch, connect and play

Enjoy simple wireless listening and smartphone screen mirroring with NFC One-touch. Just touch a compatible smartphone to the receiver for Bluetooth audio or Miracast screen mirroring.

NFC & Bluetooth logos
AirPlay logo
AirPlay audio

Enjoy music from Airplay-enabled devices.

Wi-Fi logo
Wi-Fi connection

Play music from your home PC and server

Listen to music in another room

Wireless multi-room listening keeps the music coming

Let the same great song follow you around the house with multi-room listening, controlled via the SongPal app. Use SongPal Link to group selected Sony sound bars and speakers together, then stream music from different music services, a smartphone, a PC, or your DLNA network in multiple rooms throughout your home.

Image of Wireless multi-room
Easily access your music

Enjoy easy access to a wealth of music and more, thanks to Chromecast built-in (previously Google Cast™) and Spotify Connect.

Chromecast built-in
Chromecast built-in

Stream music, online radio and podcasts from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your audio device. Just tap the Cast button.

Spotify Connect

Play Spotify through your audio device using the Spotify app as a remote.

Stream with Chromecast built-in

Stream music, podcasts and radio from 100+ audio apps, including YouTube Music and more.

Connections make all the difference

Versatile connectivity maximises your system’s potential

Connect what you need with the quality you demand

For a truly dynamic home entertainment setup, there are 6 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs, a front USB port, optical digital and analogue AV connections. So you can connect your TV, Blu-ray Disc™ player, smartphone and more, quickly and easily.

HDMI logo
6 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs

With 6 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs – including 1 dedicated second zone HDMI output – there’s space for your current equipment and scope to expand.

USB logo
DSD native playback via DLNA or USB

Play DSD through DLNA network connected devices, or connected to USB with its  24bit/192kHz high bit rate for High-Resolution Audio playback.

Three-zone enjoyment 

Zoned listening puts the right music in the right room

With three-zone listening, you can connect three sets of speakers to the STR-DN1070 and listen to the same audio output across three rooms. The receiver can also control two separate source inputs at once. Select which signal is sent to each listening zone, so you can watch a DVD in your living room using 5.2 channels while others listen to a CD in the den using 2 channels. Or just enjoy the power of 7.2 channels for an immersive surround experience in your living room.

Designed for quality from the inside out

Each part plays a role in delivering superior sound

Specifications & Features

Take your home entertainment up a level with the STR-DN1070. 4K and HDR-compatible HDMI support the latest video standards, including HDCP 2.2 content protection for 4K content from broadcast, the Internet and UHD Blu-ray Discs. High-Resolution Audio delivers immersive sound, while Wireless Multi-room and Front Surround let you flexibly create your audio environment.
  • High-Resolution Audio compatible

  • Lossless quality surround sound with DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD audio

  • 6-in/2-out HDMI connectivity with 4K/60p (4:4:4) pass-through, HDCP 2.2 support and HDR support

  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity with NFC One-touch

  • Wi-Fi, AirPlay and Chromecast built-in for music streaming

Number of Amp. Channels
Input and Output Terminals
HDMI Video In/Out (6/2);HDCP2.2 In/Out(6/2);Composite Monitor Out (1);HDMI Input for Audio(2);Audio Input Coax (1);Analog Audio Input (4);Audio Input Opt (1);Headphone Output(1);Pre Out Subwoofer (2);USB (1 Front);Ethernet Port(1)
Weight (kg)
Chromecast built-in
Spotify Connect
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