Take entertainment home with a big screen TV

If you're looking for more immersive entertainment, consider a big screen TV. You'll get closer than ever to a real-world experience with breathtaking depth and detail, just like in a cinema or stadium. And with the latest innovative technology and designs, our large TVs blend seamlessly into the smallest living spaces.

Here's why you need a big screen

Feel the magic of the movies and the thrill of live sports in your own home. Larger screens mean bigger images for a truly immersive experience that can be enjoyed by more people all around the room. With larger images and subtitles, you even get a great view from far back.

Maximise your viewing experience

Only a big screen TV with supersized pictures and immersive sound can reproduce the excitement of a cinema or stadium. But as screen size increases, problems with noise, blur and contrast appear. And with side speakers further apart, the sound you hear can be far from where the action is happening. Sony's unique picture and sound technology corrects these issues to deliver true reality.

Split-screen image of galloping horses before and after image processing.
Lifelike pictures

Our X1 processors precisely analyse data and process information, reducing noise and blur from scenes while maximising image quality with enhanced colour and contrast. The result? Truly realistic pictures for an incredibly immersive viewing experience.   

Image of dinosaurs on big screen TV illustrating how sound follows the action.
Sound follows action

Sound on many of our large screen TVs comes from the screen, following the action for absolute realism.  You'll hear sound from the place where the action is happening in the scene, such as talking from where a character is standing, for extra realism.

Think your space is too small? Think again.

With advances in picture technology and design, even small rooms get the big screen experience. High resolution screens allow you to sit closer to the action, while thinner bezels maximise screen size without increasing overall TV size.

Visual showing viewing distance.
Get closer to the action 

Today’s 4K TVs with enhanced resolution keep pictures sharp and smooth, even when sitting close to the screen or watching larger screens. As a general rule, we recommend the height of the TV to be two-thirds of the distance between the TV and your viewing position.

Viewing distance: ①55": 100cm  ②65": 120cm  ③75": 140cm  ④85": 160cm

Visual showing extra screen available due to thinner bezels.
More screen for the size

With thinner bezels on our latest televisions, you can now choose a larger screen without increasing the overall size of your TV. Your viewing will also be more immersive as you’ll find yourself focusing on the action, not the frame around the screen.