MDR-XB450BV EXTRA BASS™ Headphones

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€ 92.00

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Images of MDR-XB450BV EXTRA BASS™ Headphones
Images of MDR-XB450BV EXTRA BASS™ Headphones
Images of MDR-XB450BV EXTRA BASS™ Headphones
Drop bigger beats

With the new Electro Bass Booster amp, take the sounds of the club or the concert with you wherever you go. Whether you are listening to rock, hip-hop, or dance, these headphones will give bass you can feel.

30mm drivers
Powerful bass

30mm Extra Bass drivers deliver powerful sound, despite their moderate size and weight.

5Hz-22kHz frequency range
Delivering deep, clear audio

The expanded low frequency range means that percussion, bass, and sub-bass come through strong.

Music that moves you

The new Vibration Bass function bumps in time with the beat, for the ultimate clublike experience on the go. Developed for our Extra Bass headphones, this is not just music you hear—it’s music you feel.

Personal, portable dance floor

The built-in Electro Bass Booster amp pumps up the low end of your music, for headthumping performance on today’s bassheavy musical styles.

The Electro Bass Booster
Designed to blast the bass

The Bass Booster amplifies the low end frequencies through a specially designed duct in the housing, while an improved seal between the driver unit and your ears keeps sound in.

30mm XB driver units
Get the bass you crave from 30mm XB driver units

Enjoy enhanced bass with the balanced rigidity and high response Extra Bass Diaphragm, which maintains powerful performance through hours of listening.

Extra-comfort ear pads

Enjoy an all-day soundtrack with the thick padding and soft synthetic leather on-ear design. The ear cups also provides superior sound isolation for listening in urban environments.

Pack and go

A swivel design in the housing allows you to lay your headphones flat, making them easy to carry.

Tangled-free cable
Tangle-free cable

A durable, finely-grooved Serrated Cable reduce tangling.

Specifications & Features

Turn up the volume and feel the music with the XB450BV Extra Bass Headphones. The Vibration Bass adds vibtation to your favourite songs. Electro Bass Booster enhance the sound and feel of pulsing club without diminishing the quality of vocal tracks. Cushioned earpads ensure total comfort and the durable cable stays tangle-free.
  • 30mm driver reproduces powerful bass

  • Electro Bass Booster enhances deep beats without distorting vocals

  • Vibration Bass vibrates to the beat

  • Bass Booster delivers powerful bass

  • Swivel design for listening on the go

30mm (Dome Type)
Approx. 1.2m

What's in the Box

Connection cord

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