Images of DAB Radio CD Receiver with BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology
Images of DAB Radio CD Receiver with BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology
Images of DAB Radio CD Receiver with BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology
Images of DAB Radio CD Receiver with BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology
Images of DAB Radio CD Receiver with BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology
Enjoy more music, control more sound

Single-DIN CD receiver with Dual Bluetooth connectivity and DAB+ radio

The MEX-N6002BD gives you great ways to enjoy music on the road. Dual Bluetooth connection lets you connect your mobile music library easily, along with a second phone for hands-free calls. Listen to high-quality radio with DAB+, and fine-tune your sound with the Dynamic Stage Organiser and Time Alignment.

Bluetooth and NFC technology icon
Tap to connect wirelessly

NFC technology lets you connect your Bluetooth phone instantly, just by tapping it on the receiver's volume knob.

Voice control icon
Control with your voice

Use voice commands to get directions, play music, and communicate with contacts when connected with your smartphone.

DAB+ icon
Enjoy DAB+ radio

Listen to the new generation of digital radio stations with cleaner, purer sound.

Connect two smartphones, with Dual Bluetooth connection

Pair your first phone for full access to navigation, music playback, and communication features. A second phone can be connected simultaneously for making and receiving hands-free calls.

Siri icon
Bring Siri on the road

Hook up your iOS device to control the music in it, navigation, messaging and more, using Siri Eyes Free.

Voice control icon
Voice control for Android

Use voice control to get directions, send messages, and play tracks on your Android smartphone.

Control by talking

Enjoy helpful smartphone features without taking your eyes off the road. Voice control lets you manage music, get real-time directions, and communicate with contacts – all via simple spoken commands.

Bring great sound to every journey

 Enjoy clear, powerful audio every time you travel, with rich sound from Dynamic Reality Amplifier 2. Intelligent audio processing lets you fine-tune the settings to suit your in-car environment. 

Intelligent Time Alignment for natural sounding audio

Wherever you sit in your car, you're always closer to some speakers than others, and this affects how the music sounds. Intelligent Time Alignment re-calibrates the signal so that you’re always in the centre of the sound field, for a more natural listening experience.

Choose your colours

Browse 35,000 colours to match the two-zone illumination with your car interior. And when the music starts, lights on the LED screen pulse in time to the song.

DAB+ icon
DAB+ radio

Tune into DAB+ radio, for even more choice and better audio quality. The receiver picks up your old DAB favourites, too.

FLAC icon
Play FLAC files

 FLAC compatibility lets you play lossless audio files, so you can enjoy every detail of the music. 

LCD High Contrast icon
Read easily with high-contrast LCD 

With five times the contrast of conventional screens, plus an optimised viewing angle, the screen is always easy to read.

Specifications & Features

Take to the road with the MEX-N6002BD for more music and more control than ever before. Dual Bluetooth feature lets you wirelessly connect two smartphones, with the second being exclusively used for hands-free calls. DAB+ compatibility means you can listen to the latest digital radio stations with high-quality audio.
  • Dual Bluetooth technology lets you connect two smartphones simultaneously

  • Voice control with Siri Eyes Free and Android

  • Dynamic Reality Amp 2 for clear sound at any volume

  • Create virtual speakers on your dashboard with the Dynamic Stage Organiser

  • Digital radio tick mark certified

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