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Power up your devices quickly, and safely, with Sony's charging solutions. From high-power USB PD adaptors to the simplicity of wireless charging, there's an ideal option for virtually any device.

Flexible charging on the go

Flexible charging on the go

Sony’s sophisticated chargers are ready to quickly power up your devices at home, in your hotel or in your car. Featuring multiple ports and interfaces, there’s a Sony charger for every device, including smartphones, cameras, tablets, headphones and other USB devices. Some chargers are compatible with USB PD, which can charge all those devices and laptops too.

Range of USB cables

Cable options to suit every device. Select a length, connector type, colour and material to match your device or personal preference. Sony has extra-long or portable short cables for iPhone®, iPad® and Sony cables are a great match for your iPhone® or iPad®. Or power laptops, Android devices and more with a range of USB cables, in ultra-short to extra-long lengths.

USB Cables
Wireless charging made simple

Wireless charging made simple

Qi technology makes wireless charging safer and easier. Now you can charge your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy®, Sony Xperia™ and other Qi compatible devices by simply placing them on the charging pad – no wires required.

USB PD technology

Power fast, power safe.

faster charging

Potentially 13x faster charging speeds. Up to 100W.

The 100W USB PD charger gives you up to potentially 13 times more output than a conventional 7.5W charger. Use the same charger for your phone, tablet or laptop, and charge them all faster than ever before.

(1): USB PD charger (100W) and (2) Conventional charger (7.5W)

Speedy charging for your devices

Speedy charging for a wider range of devices

Whether you need to recharge your MacBook® for work or your Nintendo Switch™ for play, Sony’s USB PD technology offers fast charging speeds that allow you to be up and running more quickly. Backwards compatibility with USB-C devices ensures you always have power when you need it. The USB PD is the only charger you need.

Safer USB charging at higher limits

Safe USB charging at higher limits

A high USB PD power output could put you at risk of burns or damage to parts, but not with Sony. The heat resistant design and temperature monitor checks for abnormal conditions, ensuring a safe charge by checking operating power and USB electrical communication.

Safety that performs 

overload protection

Heat Resistant Design for Safe charging

Energy-efficient circuitry minimizes heat generation through optimized switching and components. PCB layout and case design also help prevent temperature increases.

Intelligent Power Controller

This technology keeps you safe by preventing hazardous conditions like fire, smoke and device explosion. Overheating Protection monitors the device temperature and immediately stops charging if an abnormal current is required. Charging terminates when a short circuit is detected.

temperature control
wireless charging

Wireless charging with added intelligence

The intelligence of Qi technology goes beyond charging without wires — it even knows what’s on the pad, with FOD (Foreign Object Detection). If it detects metal objects such as coins or keys, the heat sensing mechanism will stop the charging. This prevents overheating and keeps both the pad, and the device, safe.