Sony's E-mount lenses for demanding videographers

Sony’s lenses and cameras, the best combination for video shooting

High resolution and frame rates, remote setups, and handheld shooting have made autofocus and stabilisation ever more important for videographers, and Sony has jointly optimised the designs of lenses and cameras to meet their demands. See the advantages of using Sony’s E-mount lenses in the video.

Fast and precise AF for superb versatility

The combination of Sony's E-mount lenses and cameras assures the best autofocus performance even when shooting in 4K 120p with shallow depth of field, where a subtle defocus is very noticeable. Sony's E-mount lenses incorporate focus actuators with high thrust efficiency, to be uniquely responsive to camera AF commands with exceptionally high precision and speed.

Linear Response MF for intuitive MF control

Achieving accurate and creative manual focus control is easy with Linear Response MF. Unlike conventional lenses with electronic focus control, where the focus changes with rotational speed, Linear Response MF changes focus position linearly with the rotation angle. This enables direct and intentional manual focus control, for repeatable operation and precision.

AF Assist for professional focusing

AF Assist allows a new shooting style combining autofocus and manual focus, ideal for videographers. With this feature, manual focus can be seamlessly activated for intentional focus operation while rotating the focus ring even when shooting in autofocus. Unlike touch operation, AF Assist enables videographers to shift the focus without interruption while shooting.

Minimum focus breathing for rack focusing

Because Sony cameras and lenses are designed collaboratively, optical factors like the minor field-of-view shift that can occur when focusing can be automatically compensated. With the combination of compatible cameras and lenses, you can achieve stunning, perfect rack focusing with ease.

Power zoom for fluid and flexible production

Unlike manual zoom lenses, Sony’s power zoom lenses offer consistent, quiet zoom control for smooth and refined motion – even at super slow speeds. Zoom ring, lever, and remote zoom capability provide unmatched flexibility.

Image stabilisation
Maximum image stabilisation for handheld shooting

Sony's latest cameras feature in-body optical image stabilisation, enhanced with Active Mode, allowing stable handheld shooting without extra equipment. The combination of lenses and cameras, both designed in-house by Sony, provides exceptional image stabilisation performance.

Lens metadata for efficient post-production

Seamless communication between the lens and camera also contributes to making your post-production more efficient. Camera-shake metadata is recorded using the built-in gyro, and with Sony's Catalyst Browse / Catalyst Prepare desktop application you can easily balance automated shake-compensation and image-trimming levels.

Image of A person at a desk, working on a computer, with the camera on the desk
Iris control
Image showing the iris control of the camera lens
Seamless iris control

Sony’s E-mount lenses take care of iris control to meet professional demands. On selected lenses, the aperture click switch allows aperture ring stop to be disengaged as desired. The combination of aperture ring and aperture click switch allows for seamless, silent, non-stop iris control at the lens side.

Refined depth of field expression

Cinematic bokeh transition can be achieved by pairing a camera featuring a built-in electronic Variable ND filter, such as the FX6, with selected Sony lenses that allow smooth and silent iris adjustment. Depth of field can be controlled conveniently while maintaining the exposure.