An immersive sports experience
Your front-row ticket

Using advanced picture and audio technologies, Sony BRAVIA® brings sport to life in your living room, delivering real-world visuals with three-dimensional, atmospheric sound.

Think big

See every bit of the action in 4K HDR, see even more with a big screen TV, and everyone in the room gets a good view with our ground-breaking X-Wide AngleTM technology, displaying Sony’s signature, exceptional picture quality from any angle.

Uninterrupted performance

Iconic sporting moments need clarity. Sony’s X-Motion ClarityTM keeps even the fastest, record-breaking scenes blur-free, smooth and clear, so you can embrace every lap, vault and victory.

Conventional TV
X-Motion Clarity


Exhilarating sound, never out of sync

Unlike standard TVs with a speaker below the screen, our Acoustic Multi-Audio™ places two sound positioning speakers at the back of the TV to directly follow the action on-screen, whilst independent amps enhance the pressure and stability. Everything sounds so realistic, it’ll feel like you’ve been transported straight to your team’s home stadium or the finish line.

 Acoustic Multi-Audio is available on XH90 65" and above and also XH95 55" and above. Independent amp control (Bi-Amp) is available on XH95 screen size 55"-75"

Sony BRAVIA®, made for Sport
Our best 4K LCD – XH95 Series

Conventional TVs use just one row of LEDs; Sony’s Full Array LED – powered by our almighty Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate - places them across the whole screen to reveal every poignant detail of the competition on the XH95.

XH90 Series – sports in full colour and contrast

Fuelled by our Picture Processor X1™, every detail revealed in Full Array LED, and displayed in stunning 4K Ultra HD, the XH90 draws you into the game.

A8 Series – powerful, beautiful, captivating

The same processor that drives our 8K TVs powers the A8, displaying events in the stunning picture quality of OLED, seamlessly synced with our Acoustic Surface AudioTM.

Think your space is too small? Think again.

With advances in picture technology and design, even small rooms get the big screen experience. High resolution screens allow you to sit closer to the action, while thinner bezels maximise screen size without increasing overall TV size.

Get closer to the action
Get closer to the action 

Today’s 4K TVs with enhanced resolution keep pictures sharp and smooth, even when sitting close to the screen or watching larger screens. As a general rule, we recommend the height of the TV to be two-thirds of the distance between the TV and your viewing position.Viewing distance: ①55": 100cm  ②65": 120cm  ③75": 140cm  ④85": 160cm

More screen for the size
More screen for the size

With thinner bezels on our latest televisions, you can now choose a larger screen without increasing the overall size of your TV. Your viewing will also be more immersive as you’ll find yourself focusing on the action, not the frame around the screen.