About this download

Sony would like to offer you the possibility to download the latest firmware upgrades for your DVD Player, allowing you the freedom to enjoy playback of the newest formats at your leisure. Please accept the conditions outlined in below disclaimer to start the download and create a CD-ROM to perform successful upgrade of your DVD Player to read the latest available DivX versions

Warning: There is a risk of damage to the DVD Player if you do not follow exactly the intructions provided, in which case you would need to contact your local Sony Service Centre. To avoid such complications please carefully follow the steps outlined below.

File Info

File Name

  • ha9_ec85.bin

File Size

  • -


  1. Download the upgrade software file to your PC.
  2. Burn the file onto an unused CD-R.
    • Place the software upgrade file directly in the ROOT directory.
      Don't place it in another folder.
    • Do not burn any file other than this one onto the same disc.
    • Do not change the file name.
    • Use the file system ISO 9660 Level 1/2 or its extended format, Joliet.
    • Mode 1/2/XA
    • Single session
    • Write speed slow (e.g. 2x, 4x)
    • Finalize the CD-R.

  3. Open the Tray, and insert the disc into the player and start playing.
  4. Please wait until message "UPGRADE FILE DETECTED" appears on the screen.Then "PRESS PLAY TO START" will appear on the screen. Press the PLAY button.
  5. Firmware detected

  6. "COPYING FILE". appears on the screen. Wait briefly until the disc tray automatically opens, and remove the disc.
  7. Shortly the message "UPGRADING" will appear on the screen and the front panel display. Please wait for three or four minutes and don't interrupt the Upgrading process. It is important that you:
    • Do not turn off the player.
    • Do not operate the player or press any button on the player.
    • Do not close the disc tray (manually or by pushing open/close button).

    Firmware detected

  8. The disc tray will close and the normal display will re-appear. Now it is safe to operate the DVD Player. So when the QuickSetup option is displayed please select it, to set.
  9. Firmware detected

    Firmware detected


Operations After the Upgrade

Making External Subtitle Files
  1. It is necessary to change the names of the movie title and external subtitle file to the same name.

    For example:

    ○:sony.avi, sony.srt
    ×:sony.avi, sonysubtitle.srt
    "avi" is the DivX movie file and "srt" is the subtitle file in this example.

  2. It is also necessary to place the movie file and subtitle file in the same folder, and burn them onto the same disc.
    (Note: Packet Write format is not supported)

    This upgrade allows the DVD Player to read the following external subtitle formats:

    ".srt": SubRip
    ".smi": SAMI Captioning
    ".sub": Micro DVD
    ".sub": SubViewer 2.0
    ".ssa": SubStation Alpha
    ".ass": Advanced SubStation Alpha
    ".txt": TMPlayer, DVD subtitle system
    Please note that other similar formats are not supported.

Switching the Display Font on the DVD Player

  1. Press DISPLAY on the remote to turn off the Control Menu Display (Magic Pad).
  2. Press SUBTITLE to turn on the subtitles.
  3. Press SUBTITLE repeatedly to switch to the desired font.
    The font changes with each press.

The following fonts for external subtitles will be recognised

CP1250: Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian
CP1251: Bulgarian, Belarusian, English, Macedonian, Moldavian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian
CP1253: Greek
CP1254: Albanian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Gaelic, German, Italian, Kurdish (Latin), Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

If SUBTITLE is pressed when the subtitles are not compatible for playback on this DVD Player, a message appears indicating that no subtitle is recorded. Even if no such message appears, subtitles may still be unplayable.

No subtitles will appear while the Control Menu is turned on. Some subtitles may not display even if they are in a file with the extension ".srt," ".smi," ".sub," ".ass," ".ssa," or ".txt."

When the subtitles are displayed, there is a chance that sound and picture may be disrupted. Up to three lines of subtitles can be displayed. The maximum number of characters per line is 54.

Unicode fonts are not supported.