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The WAV Conversion Tool converts OpenMG Audio format files to WAV (PCM) files. This software is only for use with OpenMG Audio format files that have been recorded through the MIC or analog (LINE IN) input from a Hi-MD device and uploaded to SonicStage software. These convertible tracks recorded through Hi-MD can be converted to WAV format files using the WAV Conversion Tool.

Please read the following instructions carefully.

Applicable Models

The WAV Conversion Tool supports the following products:
  • MZ-NH1 / NH900/ NHF800/ NH700 and NH600


  • You must have SonicStage v2.1 or later installed on your PC before downloading the WAV Conversion Tool. If you do not have SonicStage v2.1 or later, you must download the SonicStage upgrade program before installing the WAV Conversion Tool. To verify your version of SonicStage:
    • Start SonicStage.
    • Click [Help]-[About SonicStage] from the Menu of the SonicStage window.
    • Check the version of SonicStage in the About SonicStage window. If "SonicStage Version 2.0.xx.xxxxx" or earlier is shown, please install SonicStage Ver.2.1 or later before downloading this software.
  • Windows XP and Windows 2000 users must log on with an Administrator account to install this software. You must log on with an Administrator or Power User account in order to use the SonicStage software and WAV Conversion Tool.
  • The interface and help files for the WAV Conversion Tool are in English.

Please follow the steps below to download and install the WAV Conversion Tool software:

  1. Click "Download" below to accept the disclaimer and download the following file:
    • WAVConversionToolSetup.exe (2,190KB)
  2. Quit all applications, including SonicStage and MD Simple Burner.
  3. If your Hi-MD product is connected to your PC, then disconnect it.
  4. Double click WAVConversionToolSetup.exe to begin the installation, and then follow the onscreen instructions. Click "Finish" when the installation is complete. the installation is complete.
  • SonicStage v2.1 or later must be installed before installing the WAV Conversion Tool.
  • Do not allow the system to go into a suspend, sleep, and hibernation mode during the download.
  • This program is exclusively for use on a PC with manufacturer-installed Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows Millennium Edition, and Windows 98 Second Edition ONLY. DO NOT use it on Macintosh, Windows 98 / 95, Windows NT, or any other OS.
  • This program is copyright protected. You may not transfer or copy this program.

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  • WAVConversionToolSetup.exe

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