About this download

The Search or the Shuffle/Repeat function of a certain number of NW-E503/NW-E505/NW-E507 Network WALKMAN devices may not work correctly under certain conditions.

In order to resolve this issue, a firmware update is provided.

Additional feature:

A new Clock function is also added to this update (Clock 2). See the picture below:

Affected units:

Network WALKMAN NW-E503/NW-E505/NW-E507 with firmware version 1.0

Important Note:

Click the + button to read the Download and the Installation procedure.

Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page and click the Downloadbutton to download the program.


Follow the procedure below in order to check the firmware version installed on your NW-E503/NW-E505/NW-E507 Network WALKMAN:

  1. Press and hold the SEARCH MENU button until the MENU is displayed.
  2. Browse to Advanced Menu and press to confirm
  3. Browse to Information, then press
  4. If firmware version is 2.0, YOU DO NOT NEED TO UPDATE THE FIRMWARE OF YOUR NW-E503/NW-E505/NW-E507 Network WALKMAN. Select NO and EXIT.
  5. Press SEARCH MENU to go back and exit.
  6. If firmware version is 1.0:

    • Create the following folder on the C:\ drive of your computer: : WMFWUPG
    • Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page and click
      Download to download the program:

      NW-E50X_V2_0C.exe - 2239 Kb, (depending on the model you have).
    • Follow the instructions and save the program to C:\WMFWUPG
    • Check that the downloaded file is 2239 Kb. If not, delete the file and repeat step b.

    Before going further you need to back up all the data contained in your NW-E503/NW-E505/NW-E507 Network WALKMAN to your computer and free up at least 3MB memory on your Network WALKMAN.

    To back up the data, read the information below.

  7. Close all the programs running on your computer. (If the option Run SonicStage automatically when an ATRAC Audio Device is connected is activated, de-activate it in SonicStage.)
  8. On your computer, go to the C:\ WMFWUPG folder and double-click NW-E50X_V2_0C.exe, depending on the model you have.
  9. Click Unzip to decompress all the files in the C:\ WMFWUPG folder

  10. Click Close to exit and connect the Network WALKMAN to upgrade.
  11. Open the folder contained in the C:\ WMFWUPG folder and double-click FWUpdater.exe and follow the onscreen instructions.
  12. Do not disconnect the USB cable even if USB Connect is not displayed on your Network WALKMAN or if your computer displays that no USB device is connected.
  13. Click Finish when the update is completed
  14. Disconnect the USB cable from your Network WALKMAN and confirm the firmware version by repeating step 1. The version should be 2.0
  15. The firmware update is completed.

Please accept the Disclaimer below to start the download

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  • NW-E50X_V2_0C.exe

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  • 2.19 Mb