Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:
  • SA-NS310
  • SA-NS410
  • SA-NS510

About this download

  • Name:Network firmware update for SA-NS310/410/510
  • Release date:18/07/2013
  • Benefits and improvements
    • Windows 8 compatibility is added. The speaker will be displayed on the Devices charm.
    • DLNA Seek operation will be added, this function can be used to search for other DLNA compliant devices.
    • Some other issues are fixed.


By downloading the latest version of the system application, you can take advantage of the newest functions. The unit accesses the Sony server to update the system. If a new update is available, the UPDATE indicator lights up when you are connected to the Internet. Make sure that other equipment connected to the system is stopped before updating the software.

How to update?

  1. Plug the AC power cord to a wall outlet.
  2. Turn the unit on.When a new update is available, the UPDATE indicator lights up in green while the unit is connected to the Internet.
  3. Press and hold the UPDATE button on the bottom of unit until the illumination is turned off.The update starts.The UPDATE indicator flashes during the update.


  • It takes about 5 minutes to finish updating.
  • Make sure you do not attempt any of the following operations while the update is in progress.
    • Turning the unit off
    • Unplug the AC power cord
    • Connecting or disconnecting the network (LAN) cable
  • You must set up a proxy server if you use the Internet environment via a proxy server.