About this download

Updating is simple and with the newest firmware version, you can get even more from your Incar multimedia system.Please read carefully the following instructions.

  • Date released: 10/04/2013
  • Name: Firmware update for XAV-601BT / XAV-701BT / XAV-741
  • Applicable models: XAV-601BT, XAV-701BT, XAV-741
  • Benefits and improvements:
    • MirrorLink
      • Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy NoteII will be added as compatible device
      • Adding the MirrorLink Full-Screen mode
      • Adding controllability by remote commander
    • User interface
      • Adding the function to return to the playback screen from the Home screen
    • Bluetooth Hands-free phone (except XAV-741)
      • Increasing the number of contacts in the stored phonebook
    • Voice command (except XAV-741)
      • Supporting the Voice Command function
    Information on these additional funtions can be found in the tutorial 'additional functions after firmware update'
  • Restrictions:
    • The unit will break if you shut down the unit while your are updating.This is subject to charged repair.
    • You need to turn off and on the unit after the firmware update. (Step 10 of the update process)The touch panel may not work, if you skip this step.


What you need

  • A PC connected to the internet
  • A USB memory with available space of 100 MB or more.

Download and install the update

  1. The update program download is started by clicking Download button on the bottom of this announcement.
    Following the displayed dialog box, save the update.zip in your PC.
  2. After completion of the download, extract the update file to create the "update" folder which includes SONYXAV.BIN.
  3. Copy the "update" folder to the root directory of the USB memory.

Update procedure (in your car) It takes approx. five minutes to update.
Preparation: Park your car on the safe place and start the engine to avoid the voltage drop of the power line.

  1. Connect the USB memory which includes the "update" folder to the unit.Any USB memory other than the one for update should not be connected.
  2. Press OFF button of the remote commander (or press and hold SOURCE button for 1 second ) so that the unit is source OFF state.
  3. Select Setting from Home Menu.
  4. Select General Settings.
  5. Select Firmware Settings.
  6. Press Update button.
  7. Check if the current firmware is subject to update.(The firmware version which starts from "SRxx" or "HRxx" is subject to update.)
  8. Press Update button again to start the firmware update.

  9. Important: Wait until “Firmware Update Success!!” appears on the screen without turning off the unit or removing the USB memory.
  10. Press and hold OFF button of the remote commander (or press and hold SOURCE button for 2 seconds) to turn off the unit.Remove the USB memory and wait for more than 10 seconds*.
    Press SOURCE button to turn on the unit again.
    Note *: Count 10 seconds with a clock so that the unit is surely turned off.

After the update

Please confirm the version when the update program is installed successfully.

  1. Select Settings from Home Menu
  2. Select General Settings
  3. Select Firmware Version
  4. Confirm “JR08_xav_1.13.003" is displayed

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