Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • ODBK-103
  • ODBK-201
  • ODS-D280F
  • ODS-D280U
  • ODS-D380F
  • ODS-D380U
  • ODS-D55U
  • ODS-D77F
  • ODS-D77UA
  • ODS-L100E
  • ODS-L30M
  • ODS-L60E


File Manager software gives you the ability to archive/retrieve your content to/from ODS-D55U, ODS-D77U, ODS-L10 and ODS-L30M from a PC.



1.) Drag & Drop Archive operation

2.) Watched folder archive

3.) Offline cartridge management

4.) Database backup, import function

5. ) Support checksum archive





1.) When updating to the new release, please uninstall the previous version first and install 2.3. Next you will need to go through the Libary Software Configuration Tool again to assure all new features will work properly.

2.) A serial number is required to activate this software. One Serial number is supplied with the ODS-L10 or you can purchase an additional serial number here.

3.) File Manager V1.0 doesn’t support the ODS-D77U in L10. The ODS-77U is only supportive by File Manager V2.3.

4.) File Manager V2.3 or later should only be used with Optical Disc Archive Software V3.1 or later.