Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • PVM-X2400


[Updates of this version]
1. Fan noise improvement
2. Dynamic Contrast Drive response improvement
For further details, please refer to the Release Note for_PVM-X2400_X1800_V1_04.pdf in this page and it is also included in the zip file in this page.

[Applicable version]
・PVM-X2400 Ver.1.03
・The software version for the monitor can be found on the Unit Status of the Status menu.

・You need to prepare 2 pieces of USB memory sticks for installation.
Required specification: USB 3.0 up to 8GB, FAT32 format
For more details, please read “Handling a USB memory stick” in the operating instructions for the PVM-X2400 and the PVM-X1800.
・You need to upgrade both the software and the FPGA. This update procedure takes about 1hour and 10 minutes per PVM-X2400/X1800 unit.

[How to update]
・Please refer to "Release Note for_PVM-X2400_X1800_V1_04.pdf"  in this page.