Watch Netflix on your BRAVIA TV

Check your TV is ready for Netflix

These models work with Netflix:

2014 models


2013 models


You need a fast internet connection to use Netflix. If you’re not sure of your connection speed, check with your internet service provider.

Using the Netflix app

If there’s a Netflix button on your remote control, you can press it to launch the app.

If not, follow these steps.

  1. Press the HOME / MENU button on your remote
  2. Select Apps
  3. Select Netflix
  4. Sign in using your existing details or create one (visit Netflix website for more information).

Troubleshooting Netflix

QWhy does the picture freeze or break up?
ANavigate to the Internet settings menu and select Refresh internet content

QI can’t access Netflix. What’s wrong?
AThere may be problems with the Netflix service. Try again after a few minutes. You can also visit Netflix website for more information

QI need help with my Netflix account. Who do I contact?
AUnfortunately we can’t answer questions about your Netflix account. You’ll need to contact Netflix directly.

QMy question wasn’t answered here. Where else can I find help?
ATry the Sony Community where you’ll find questions and answers from other BRAVIA owners