Wireless Sub-Woofer BRAVIA Speakers

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€ 300.00

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Images of Wireless Sub-Woofer BRAVIA Speakers
Images of Wireless Sub-Woofer BRAVIA Speakers
Designed for bass

The subwoofer made for BRAVIA®

Add impact to movies with rich, powerful bass. No cables or special setup are needed - the Wireless Subwoofer is automatically tuned for the best settings with new BRAVIA models. The compact, stylishly crafted cabinet fits discreetly in any room.

Feel the difference

The SWF-BR100 features an impressive 100W digital amplifier, which offers striking clarity and the ideal power level for home theatre systems. The cabinet is constructed from 18mm thick medium density fibre, enhancing the speaker unit for a rich, natural sound.

Mica cone
Bold sound, perfectly customised

A foamed honeycomb mica cone reduces distortion and promises responsive bass sound, while the subwoofer automatically makes sound adjustments suited to each BRAVIA®model.

Small, simple, superior

Thanks to its modest size, the wireless subwoofer fits almost anywhere, leaving more room for you to kick back and enjoy the bass.

Wireless connectivity made easy

Unlike a conventional home theatre system, the wireless subwoofer is easy to set up, with just three steps that don’t require any manual adjustments of sound.


This compact wireless subwoofer can fit almost anywhere – just plug it in to the nearest power socket and you're good to go.


Quickly connect the wireless subwoofer to your TV with just a headphone jack and a USB stick.


The hard work is over, so grab your compatible TV remote and experience movies with powerful bass.

Just a click away

Once setup is complete, your TV remote control can be used to control everything. If you want to manually adjust the detailed sound settings, such as subwoofer relative sound level, cutoff frequency, or phase, you can do it all with your normal remote.


  • Simple set-up with an AC power supply

  • 100W digital amplifier

  • Operates on a 5.2/5.8GHz frequency

  • Control the speaker’s volume through your TV’s menu

  • Compatible with 2014 W/X-series BRAVIA models

What's in the Box

Warranty Card (Depends on country), Audio Cable (1 (Mono)), colour label for carton box, Wireless Transceiver (UWT-BR100)

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