red sailing boat in front of an iceberg

Albert Dros

Albert Dros | Netherlands

"I am obsessed with getting the perfect shot"

A professional since 2012, Albert’s work can be described as vibrant, colourful with a hint of fairytale. His landscapes have often been described as having a ‘Lord Of The Rings’ quality to them while his cityscapes are crystal clear and sharp. As a perfectionist he always tries to capture a certain moment or scene in the best possible way, spending time to get the shot he wants. He calls himself a ‘modern’ photographer and loves new technology, always trying to keep up with innovations. That’s where he says Sony is a complete fit for his ethos and personality. His work has been featured in Time, National Geographic and the Huffington Post and his projects range from pure landscape work to artistic abstract approaches in which he is trying different things with photography. He believes it important to have no boundaries in expressing an artistic vision.

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