birds eye shot of a man wearing a tracksuit top
Amedeo Novelli

Amedeo Novelli | Italy

"Ultimately my photographic research always focuses on man"

Since he was a student, Amedeo began to travel the world armed only with a backpack, camera and notepad. He developed a keen interest for information, which first led him to become a professional journalist, and ultimately supporting his writing with his photographs. His work is intense and constantly active on several fronts, from personal and commercial projects, to a number of side activities such as RiScatti, a social project of photographic training, which then became an exhibition displayed in the Milan Contemporary Art Pavilion in 2014 and 2015. After working on the Expo People project for the launch of Expo Magazine in 2015, Amedeo is currently working on a story of customs on so-called influencers, and is finalising two long term projects dedicated to BDSM and street photography.

Amedeo's kit