dramatic stormclouds over a beach with red flowers in the foreground
Dilian Markov

Dilian Markov | Bulgaria

"For me the reason of photography is to touch the soul of other people"

Dilian Markov is one of the leading names in the field of photography and one of the emblematic cover photographers for magazines such as ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, EVA, Playboy, Men's Health, FHM, Forbes and Manager. He is well known in the field of advertising photography and worked with clients such as M-tel , Vivacom, Raiffeisen Bank, Sobieski, Flirt, Seven Seconds and Desizo Monni and is only one of two Bulgarians who has won the world photo competition organised by the French magazine “Photo”. Dilian has also shot in Cambodia during his work with the Survivor team and he's captured some of the most impressive landscapes and portraits of the East which were shown in the exhibition "In the East, in Paradise, in the Timelessness of the Epoch". He has held two solo exhibitions and since 2016 he heads up the Photography Traveller course at the New Bulgarian University.

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