calabrian charcoal burner tends to a large mound of burning charcoal

Luigi Baldelli

Luigi Baldelli | Italy

"To me, photography does not give answers, but emotions and questions"

Luigi Baldelli has been a professional photographer since 1987. In 1989, he started following the most important international events: the end of totalitarian regimes in the East of Europe, the revolution in Romania, Lebanon, The Gulf War, the war in former Yugoslavia, the crisis in Albania, the socio-political situation in the Middle East, wars and famine in Africa. From 1995 until 2015 he worked with Ettore Mo, as a correspondent for the newspaper Corriere della Sera, carrying out photo essays in Afghanistan, India, Middle and Far East, East of Europe, Africa, former Soviet Union, Latin America. His photo essays were published by major Italian and foreign newspapers and magazine, and his photos have been in individual and collective exhibitions on journalistic photography, both in Italy and abroad.

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