Marian Sterea

Marian Sterea | Romania

“The wedding photographer is not just a witness, it’s not someone that just records everything that happens without judgement. The wedding photographer is a storyteller!"

Marian Sterea is an internationally renowned Romanian photographer, specialising in weddings. His love of photography began when his wife bought him a camera in 2009 and since then he’s received numerous international accolades such as featuring in the ‘Top 50 Fearless Photographers’ and the ‘Wedding Photography Society’. His work takes him all over the world and his approach is an apparently simple style but one that relies very much on a connection with the subject. He loves photography and loves turning imperfect moments into perfect emotions, working with the light and people around him – whether studio portraits or situation weddings. He maintains that Sony helped him rediscover photography and he particularly likes the performance, lightness and portability of his Alphas, especially the autofocus system.

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