couple in the water in front of the sun
Yannick Zurflüh

Yannick Zurflüh | Switzerland

"The biggest chapter is yet to come. Let’s turn some pages together"

Born in Liechtenstein, a country so small that most people don’t know it even exists, Yannick Zurflüh soon started travelling the world to broaden his horizon. His greatest journey to date began in Spring 2016 when he decided to drop out of a Swiss elite university to fully dedicate himself to photography. Since then he’s been working as a self employed wedding and couple photographer all around the world and couldn’t be happier about his bold and life changing decision. His approach is highly personal as he firmly believes that wedding photography isn’t just about nice photos, but about collecting moments exactly the way they happen and capturing the true souls of human beings. Therefore, every couple has to be content to get involved in a particularly intimate and emotional journey with Yannick Zurflüh in order to get photos that tell their very own, unique story in a close, honest and personal way.

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