alexandru don holding his sony fx30 while filming

The Perfect Sound

Alexandru Don

I've always believed that the sound quality on a video is equally important as the visual. I like to travel light and work quickly, so having a good quality microphone is vital in helping me produce great sound.

My favourite has to be the ECM-B10. It's extremely versatile and essentially offers 3 microphones in 1, thanks to the switchable patterns. I tried a number of different settings and the one that gave me the best results was setting the pickup pattern to Unidirectional and having the low-pass and noise reduction filters turned off.

Another feature I really like is the connection between the MI shoe on the camera and the microphone itself. It makes for a very simple and reliable interface, and I particularly liked having no cables to worry about.

But don't just take my word for it - watch the video above and hear the quality for yourself!

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