woman shooting video with professional equipment in nature

Susanna Kosa

Susanna Kosa | Germany

"My love for filmmaking has taken me on so many splendid adventures - but my absolute favorite part are all the unforgettable moments that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise."

Sanna is a professional filmmaker based in Munich, Germany. She is the founder of a creative collective and film production company called ""SAY MAHALO“ and a fully-fledged all round filmmaker herself. Self-taught over 14 years, she develops storylines, writes concepts, shoots, directs and edits - and loves every part of the process. Sanna’s trademark is emotional storytelling. Her work gravitates towards outdoor and natural settings, yet her versatility is not limited. She produces ads and brand films for renowned companies such as Bowers & Wilkins, BMW, JBL, Ferrero, Sunlight and Merida, but she also regularly helps NGO’s with with visual content for free. Sanna’s goal and dream would be to work as a visual storyteller with meaningful films for National Geographic and sustainable outdoor companies.

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