crowd enjoying open air concert with futuristik stage design and confetti

Mike Will

Mike Will | UK

"Follow your dreams, explore the world and enjoy capturing the ride that took you there"

Mike Will is a creative photographer based in the UK, whose compositions include vibrant night cityscapes, adventure travel, music festivals and stunning portraits. Mike’s photography journey started in the UK but has taken him all over the world capturing moments he once only dreamed of seeing. Mike often uses a human element in his images which makes it relatable for the audience. His love for music can really be felt with the electric energy captured from the crowd to the DJ whilst at gigs and festivals. Being a talented photographer on one hand, Mike has also been a professional athlete for nine years and represented Team GB in Ice Hockey at the World Championships which has contributed to his strong work ethic. His collaboration with other creatives has broadened his horizons and experiences with his photography becoming much richer for it. Along with capturing the image Mike has become known with his unique editing style and high level of professionalism in all aspects of his work.

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